Taste, Touch, and Smell Workshop


Date: October 25th-26th
Come learn about herbal medicine through our senses with Sarah Sorci!



Cost: $195 + room charge
Date: October 25th-26th
(Registration deadline: September 27th*)

Come learn about herbal medicine through our senses with Sarah Sorci! We will be using local plants to support stress, energy levels and emotional well-being.


  • Breakfast and lunch
  • All workshop classrooms

Herbalists know that the taste and smell of a medicinal plant reveals a lot about its effects. When should we cook a spicy dish, or drink a moistening tea? Which herbs tend to support the immune system, or digestion?

In this two day retreat, holistic herbalist Sarah Sorci will guide participants through the differences between aromatic, bitter, mucilaginous, sweet, sour, and nutritive flavors. We will sample numerous herbal concoctions, and enjoy sensory plant walks, learning what these flavors tell us about the spices in our pantry and the weeds in our backyards. Participants will receive recipes and guidance for making their own healing concoctions, and will take home their choice of a dried herb for making teas or other concoctions at home.

*If workshop not filled by registration date, SunCliff reserves the right to cancel this workshop with a full refund.

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